Tradition and Innovation

For more than half a century Borciani Bonazzi has been specialising in the production of fine art brushes.

In 1951, in a small artisan shop in Emilia Romagna, siblings Wilma and Arturo Bonazzi decided to set up their own business after years of training with the local masters, where they learned the secrets of traditional gestures, their sequence and the ability to recognize the most suitable materials for the manufacture of high-quality brushes.
Wilma married the young Borciani and the union of the two surnames gave rise to the brand. The business was immediately outstanding for product quality, accurate artisan craftsmanship and courtesy in satisfying the demands of professional restorers and painters, who came to the brush factory searching for special tools for their art.
Still today, gestures learned over time are being repeated like a magic ritual.
Our entirely Made in Italy production has preserved the attention to raw materials along with artisan skills, hence satisfying the most demanding artists, lute makers, gilders and restorers, who have preferred us for years.

Borciani Bonazzi brushes have always fulfilled the expectations of artists looking for the highest quality Made in Italy brushes.
High quality, intense research and innovation applied to tools intended for ancient painting techniques, have been repeatedly tested using our artistic brushes.
The fascinating story of Borciani Bonazzi has seen artisan experience applied to important interventions on monuments and works of art in Italy such as the massive restoration of the Sistine Chapel in Rome and obtaining recognition from the prestigious national restoration schools of Istituto Centrale di Restauro in Rome and Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.
The story of Borciani Bonazzi has further enriched over time with the development of ancient craftsmanship alongside research and innovation, offering new products made with traditional accuracy and expertise.
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