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Video tutorial: Fiammato UNICO Paintbrush Series

Test of the Fiammato paintbrushes with watercolor on paper The Fiammato series is ideal for both watercolors and diluted watercolor pastels thanks to its slow water release and the very high absorbency of its fibres. When used with watercolors, we can coat backgrounds with slow water release, obtaining a perfect covering.

Video tutorial: Mangusta UNICO Paintbrush Series

Mangusta Paintbrushes from UNICO Paintbrush Series: features and suggested painting techniques The Mangusta series is made of a very soft fiber with slow water release and very high absorption to be used in very diluted and thin colours, such as watercolor, diluted acrylic, or oil in very light layers. ... Test of the Mangusta paintbrushes with watercolor on [...]

Video tutorial: Silver UNICO Paintbrush Series

Test of the Silver paintbrushes with watercolor pastels The Silver brush is perfect for diluted watercolor pastels, because it leaves a slight hint underneath (as it does not remove everything) but moves the color perfectly on the surface, creating semi-full patterns, excellent for painting layouts or illustrations.

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Video introducing UNICO Paintbrush Series

Perfect solution for pictorial techniques using dilute colours, watercolors, inks and soft shades of colours. Excellent results also in case of techniques using watercolors for pastel painting.

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