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Video introducing Borciani Bonazzi paintbrush soap

Borciani Bonazzi soap for cleaning artist's paint brushes Borciani Bonazzi soap is a neutral vegetable soap suitable for cleaning artist's paint brushes. ... How to use Borciani Bonazzi soap for [...]

What are the recommendations for cleaning and maintenance of the brushes?

  Then clean the brush in lukewarm water with Marseille soap or with the Borciani Bonazzi soap, a specific cleaning soap for artist paint brushes that comes in an easy-to-use aluminium box. This special neutral vegetable soap perfectly [...]

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How do I clean brushes after oil painting?

Media > Painter's tips > How do I clean brushes after oil painting? How do I clean brushes after oil painting?

Vegetable soap for artistic brushes

Innovations > Vegetable soap for artistic brushes Vegetable soap for artistic brushes SEGMENT Fine art PROJECT Research & Development of vegetable soap for art brushes cleaning PROJECT DEVELOPMENT PERIOD - DESCRIPTION Development and realisation of a neutral [...]

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