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round tip brush

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Video tutorial: Mangusta UNICO Paintbrush Series

Test of the Mangusta paintbrushes on magic paper: round tip, flat tip, cat's tongue tip The magic paper test is done to see, first of all, the types of reactions the brush tip has: with the round tip, a change in pressure changes from a slight line to a [...]

How do I choose the right paint brush for art technique?

Media > Painter's tips > How do I choose the right paint brush for art technique? ...   for Watercolour , suggested brushes are made of sable, ox-hair, and synthetic hair   for Oil and Acrylic , suggested brushes are made of ox-hair, sable, white bristle, and synthetic hair   for Ceramics , [...]

Video introducing UNICO Paintbrush Series

The exclusive Anti-Rolling System prevents the brush from rolling once laid down, it also keeps the tip suspended from the table. ... The bottom of the handle is rounded, allowing a very safe use even in school environments.

Video tutorial: Silver UNICO Paintbrush Series

The fine tips also allow extreme precision in the details. The very particular shape of the brushes rounded bottom can be used in hobby techniques in order to engrave still-fresh color.

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