Matteo Fieno

Guardian of beauty, embodiment of inner depths to be captured and to be surprised by, the woman encounters in Matteo's artworks the identification which is one of the most original features of his artistic inspiration. ... Discover the brushes chosen by Matteo.

Massimo Ciavarella

It's part of me and my life, I've worked for several years as a DJ. ... UsuallyI don't use many brushes while I paint, but the ones I use must have the following features: first of all, I need a versatile brush, so that I may do a little bit of everything such as moving from a full stroke to a fine line.

Geremia Cerri

Artists > Geremia Cerri Geremia Cerri Geremia Cerri was born in the province of Cremona. ... When I create, I try not to get bored and not to bore the observer's eye using the most unusual tools for one of the most traditional techniques ever, such as watercolor.

Tiziana Gironi

Artists > Tiziana Gironi Tiziana Gironi Tiziana Gironi was born, lives and works in Bologna. ... I used the PRECISO TOP GRAPHIC brushes and I appreciated the precision of the sign in the details that is usually obtained only by painting with expensive sable brushes.

700 series- The project

Innovations > 700 series- The project 700 series- The project MY BRUSHES WITH BORCIANI E BONAZZI Silvia Molinari I have been invited to take part in the development of a special range of artist brushes. ... The paint stroke is clean and uniform, with sharp and precise marks.

Luca Guaraglia

Artists > Luca Guaraglia Luca Guaraglia Luca Guaraglia, from Sassari (Sardinia) is an artist born in 1987. Graduated from the three-year course of Urban & Environmental Territorial Planning and the master's course of Architecture, he has always been attracted to creative activities and during the years he spent at the University he [...]

Erica Calardo

Erica's paintings have appeared in several magazines and books. ... Discover the brushes chosen by Erica.

Laura Cortinovis

Artists > Laura Cortinovis Laura Cortinovis Laura Cortinovis, illustrator in love with colors. ... I paint and I'm happy!

Giulia Clerici

I could say I'm self-taught, but it's not really true. ... I don't like to change brush when I paint in watercolor, so the ideal is to have one large enough to hold a lot of water and paint large backgrounds but with a fine tip to be able to work on the details.

Stefano Trabucchi

204 and 105 series, perfect for painting my violins. Discover the brushes chosen by Stefano.

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