Research and development

The brushes manufactured by Borciani Bonazzi have an ancient, artisanal soul, but are at the same time the modern result of contemporary manufacturing processes and of leading-edge research and development.
The excellence of the Borciani Bonazzi artistic brushes is the result of manufacturing processes that are based on attention to every single detail, and on constant research on the materials, leading to the production of brush collections with unique features in terms of ergonomics, functionality of use, and artistic results, thus granting the satisfaction of the most demanding artists.
The basic ‘ingredients’, that ensure the high-quality of the the Borciani Bonazzi brushes, are:
  • Hair - natural or synthetic, in uniformly oriented groups so that the points are in one direction and the conical bases are in the other.
  • Cotton thread - to bind the base of the tufts of hair that, along with the metal ferrule, will form the brush head.
  • Ferrule - in various types of metal, conical or cylindrical, to keep the tuft of hair together during use.
  • Glue - to fix the tuft of hair and fix it to the ferrule.
  • Handle - for fixing the brush head in order to take hold of it.
The different types of hair – natural or synthetic - allow for a varied range of products, corresponding to the features required by the different types of color or painting technique used by the artist that chooses the Borciani Bonazzi painting tools.
The Borciani Bonazzi production is shifting increasingly towards the use of high-technology and cruelty free synthetic fibers.
The diminishing availability of valuable natural hairs has increased the cost of this raw material, thus prompting technological research to develop a synthetic composition that reproduces the features of natural hairs and imitates their elasticity, resistance to twisting, capability for absorption.
The evolution of such research has made available various fibers or special mixtures, some of which are covered by patents. In this particular context too, skill and experience allow to select the most suitable material for its specific use, or to obtain the desired characteristics using various mixtures of materials.
Along with natural hair brushes - sable, vair, ox-hair and bristle - Borciani Bonazzi offers different types of synthetic fiber, that are listed in the catalogue in an increasing order of thread “tenacity”.
  •  “Extra gold” refers to a particularly soft, elastic fiber, designed to be used where lightness of color and softness of a pictorial touch must not be disturbed by excesses of elasticity or hardness.
  • The “wine” fiber is more tenacious and is most suitable for rough surfaces or with very mellow colors.
  • Midway between the two is the fiber called “gold”, featuring intermediate softness and being therefore more versatile.
  • The “white” and “brown” threads are used for school and hobby activities.
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