How do I choose the right paint brush for art technique?

The choice of hair and fibre varies depending on brush use and art technique.
Below are a few simple suggestions to help you choose and purchase the most suitable brush for each painting technique.
  • for Watercolour, suggested brushes are made of sable, ox-hair, and synthetic hair
  • for Oil and Acrylic, suggested brushes are made of ox-hair, sable, white bristle, and synthetic hair
  • for Ceramics, suggested brushes are made of vair, ox-hair, and sable hair
  • for Restoration, suggested brushes are made of ox-hair, sable, and white bristle hair
  • for Gilding, suggested brushes are made of vair and ox-hair
  • for Hobby activities, synthetic brushes are preferred
  • for brush Writing and Calligraphy, round and slim sable hair or vair are preferred
  • for Graphics, synthetic and sable brushes are used, always round but of larger size. 

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