Borciani Bonazzi at the International School of Violin Making in Cremona


The meeting between the manufacture of brushes for the Fine Arts Borciani Bonazzi and the International School of Violin Making in Cremona.
On May 16th, a team from the Casalmaggiore company was invited to the prestigious International School in Cremona to illustrate the secrets of making Borciani Bonazzi brushes, particularly appreciated and used by the Cremonese professional violin makers. Audience of the lesson, the students of the Violin Making course.

Two realities of long tradition, close not only by geographical location but above all by sharing values and objectives.

For the past 8 decades, the International School of Violin Making in Cremona, belonging to the Institute of Higher Education Antonio Stradivari, has been training Italian and foreign students in the art of construction, maintenance and repair of bowed and plucked instruments.

The aim of the School is to train figures of artistic craftsmanship that are able to combine tradition with the continuous innovation required by a constantly evolving market.

Skills, experience and ancient secrets combined with a constant search for innovation. Those are the values that the School transmits to its students, along with the oldest operational techniques and construction processes for the production of bowed instruments of the highest quality.

Vice Headmaster Angelo Sperzaga invited Borciani Bonazzi to give a demonstrative lesson on the art of making those brushes, that the violin makers prefer for painting and finishing the items they make or restore.

The owner of the company and production manager Gianluca Serposi has accompanied students and teachers to discover the characteristics of the raw materials and parts, which the brush is composed of.

He illustrated the peculiarities of the marten hair, which is chosen by the violin makers for its high elasticity and yield capacity, due to the high absorption of the paint, which makes it perfect for applying uniformly and homogeneously the finish paints on instruments.

This first part of the presentation stimulated the curiosity of the students, who did not spare questions about the characteristics of the materials, their availability and the studies and innovation processes that the Casalmaggiore manufacture constantly performs to produce brushes increasingly responsive to the artists' needs.

The lesson was also focused on the production processes, combining an industrial part with an irreplaceable control and operational activity by the workers, in which the machinery production is mostly made ad hoc by the internal Research and Development department, thanks to a wealth of skills and know-how generated by almost 70 years of experience in the production of brushes for the Fine Arts.

A particularly engaging moment, appreciated by students and teaching staff, was the practical demonstration of creating a brush.
The realisation of a Borciani Bonazzi brush is a long and meticulous process, made of skilful gestures that the students have been able to admire live: from the selection, weighing and preparation of the hair to the definition of the shape of the brush, the binding of the hair bunches, up to the insertion in the ring.

Borciani Bonazzi would like to thank the International School of Violin Making, the Vice Headmaster Andrea Sperzaga, the teachers and students for the valuable exchange of skills and for creating an opportunity to share the value of artistic craftsmanship, to which Borciani Bonazzi is proud to provide useful tools for the realisation of priceless works.
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